Multiple Long Term Health Conditions Study

Living with multiple long-term health conditions is becoming more common for people in the UK.  With this in mind we are currently working on a project looking into people’s experience of living with 2 or more Long Term Health Conditions (LTHC).

Do you find things repeated?  Do specialists talk about the other conditions or only concentrate on their specialist area?  Does the level of care change between different services? What information might be helpful to people living with multiple long term conditions?

If you are living with multiple long term health conditions and would like to share your experiences, this can be done in a number of ways:-

  • A survey can be completed online. Click the link below
  • We can help complete the survey with groups or individuals via Zoom or other virtual platforms
  • If  you would rather speak to someone over the phone they can contact our project manager, Becky, on 07732 683453
  • Experiences or concerns can be shared by emailing us.  Just use “LTHC  feedback” as your subject.