Coronavirus and dentists

Gillian Jillett- Dental Lead for Healthwatch Leicester and Healthwatch Leicestershire:

The Coronavirus has not just impacted on all of us in terms of being locked down, but it has seriously threatened our health in other areas and especially Dental Treatment leaving a back-log of 15 million appointments which has left many patients suffering badly, with appointments being put back into next year and seriously affecting Children’s Oral Health according to an article in The Times.

Healthwatch Leicester and Healthwatch Leicestershire have been involved with Dental Practices since the Health and Social Care Acts of 2012/2014 and I have been the Dental Lead for both HW Leicester and HW Leicestershire since the beginning so nearly 10 years!

I am already a victim of the rules and had my appointment with my dentist on 25th September cancelled and moved to 9th March 2021. I suspect that there will be thousands of patients who find themselves in the same position and totally frustrated!

The same frustrations sit with the Dental Practitioners themselves who moved to something near normal in May/June and started to see patients for Face to Face consultations and carry out normal dental procedures, but NHS data indicates that just 83,800 treatments took place in May compared with the monthly average of 3.3 million!

The National Director of Healthwatch England Imelda Redmond said: “The pandemic has caused issues in every part of Health and Care, but the problems in Dental Care appear particularly acute. Not only is this frustrating, but many have also been left in pain or discomfort as a result.”.

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