NHS funded study on severe hand eczema

Rachel Gilberts from ALPHA coordinating a large NHS funded trial investigating which NHS treatment for severe chronic hand eczema is most effective. The Chief Investigator is Dr Miriam Wittmann, Honorary Speciality Doctor in Dermatology for the Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The study aims to recruit 455 patients by March 2020 and Leicester Royal Infirmary is taking part.

ALPHA are hoping to reach people within local communities suffering with severe hand eczema, who may not be currently seeking treatment.

Participating in the study may help people to access a treatment they have not tried before and meet with a dermatologist. They can self-refer through ALPHA’s self-referral process online.

Severe hand eczema can have a devastating impact on quality of life and sufferers are unable to complete simple daily tasks such as getting dressed, making dinner or turning on the tap without pain. Hand eczema is one of the most frequent work-related diseases, often resulting in sick leave. Sufferers struggling with these activities may not be aware of the treatment options available to them.

ALPHA’s research aims to find the best way to treat this condition and they need more volunteers in order to do this.

ALPHA know that people with this condition are in the community, however many are not currently engaged with an NHS Doctor (either GP or at hospital) and simply manage their condition at home with products purchased over the counter, which are often ineffective.

You can find out more about the trial (including a list of all hospitals taking part) here: and keep up with the Trial via Twitter too (@LICTR_Alpha).

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