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Kibworth Health Centre (Branch)

Impossible to speak to

I ordered via the NHS App a half dose of a prescription. They halved the dose but also the number of tablets. Pharmacy said they were not allowed to call them. I tried the call button for Reception at the door of the surgery which was closed. They said they could'nt speak to me over that and I needed to call them. Tried calling and told 21st in the queue which at 2-3 minutes per call meant I would need to be waiting on the telephone for 42-60 minutes. Tried again an hour later same message 21st in the queue (does that change?) so cannot call them effectively, cannot call in as doors are locked. Service is hopeless. More elderly people must feel frozen out by what is laughingly called a service. I have spoken to a number of neighbours who are all looking to move to another non-South Leicestershire Medical Group practice. My only option now, as I have no time to spend 40-60 minutes on the phone (and they will not accept emails) is to write to them. What a joke.