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Merridale Medical Centre - Dr R Tew

Rated by Chloe swepson
22nd April 2020

No call back.

I called on Monday regarding my partners mental health (he suffers with adhd and traits of Aspergers) I’ve always made his appointments as he never really knows what to say when calling. Concerned about his mental health, I made an appointment with a doctor for him to talk to and get some advice, I was told I would get a call back and it would be listed as urgent. No phone call arrived, rang back first thing the next morning, spoke to a different receptionist, explained the situation, they said the best they could do is a telephone appointment tomorrow (so 2 days after the original phone call was made and call back was expected) still no phone call. Absolutely furious. Was supposedly a matter of urgency and still unable to receive contact back from them.

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