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Whetstone Dental Surgery

Rated by Anonymous
13th August 2021

accessing dental check up

I was registered at Whetstone Dental practice a few years ago now, but I had not been back since moving to another city. I have been struggling to find a dentist in my new city, and recently came back to Leicester, so I thought I would try getting a check-up at Whetstone. When I first called them to see if I could book, they would not let me, because I had not booked an appointment with them in a few years, and they said they had a very long NHS waiting list. My mother, who is also registered at this practice, went for a check up the following week, and asked the dentist in person, whether I could book an appointment. The dentist said 'only if it's family'. I was then able to book a check up, because of this connection to the practice. They also offered me follow up appointments. My experience at the practice was excellent, the reception staff was really friendly and chatty, and I saw my old dentist, who I always knew as kind and friendly. Treatment was quick and efficient.

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