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The more people share their ideas, experiences and concerns about NHS and social care, the more services can understand what works, what doesn’t and what people want from care in the future.
If it matters to you, it’s likely it matters to someone else too. We want to hear your views. Get in touch and share your story.

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Healthwatch carries out independent research and evaluations on different aspects of health and social care that are driven by feedback that we receive from the public. Healthwatch relies upon the voice of the public to provide us with vital information on your experience of health and social care services, and your suggestions as to how they can be improved and how best practice can be shared.

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Our Surveys

In order to make a difference, we need to hear your thoughts about services and experiences first hand. Complete our current surveys – with your help we can help make a difference.


We list and post health and social care consultations being untaken throughout Leicester & Leicestershire which are a benefit to the local community.

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