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Helping to shape local healthcare

Healthwatch Leicester and Healthwatch Leicestershire works to ensure that local people’s views help shape health and social care services in Leicester and Leicestershire, so that they meet everyone’s needs.

We provide evidence-based feedback to help improve local health and social care services. We work closely with the Care Quality Commission and are backed up by a national body, Healthwatch England. Our work can help to make a difference at both the local and national level.

Our Community Outreach Leads travel around the City and County to gather views and experience of local service users, the public, carers and the wider community.

We work on a number of projects that have been brought to our attention from the information we receive from you when out and about in the community. We do this in order to make these views known to improve local and national services.

Our projects

Healthwatch carry out independent research and evaluations on different aspects of health and social care that are driven by feedback that we receive from the public. Healthwatch relies upon the voice of the public to provide us with vital information on your experience of health and social care services and your suggestions as to how they can be improved and how best practice can be shared.

Project 1: Access and Communication

We will explore if people’s needs of health and care services are being met in Leicester and Leicestershire. We have identified groups and we will seek to listen and outline what the specific issues are for those communities. We are aiming to collect feedback from health and care services users of the following communities:

Project 2: Support Living

In Leicester City and Leicestershire, there are various organisations and service providers that offer supported living services.

Supported living arrangements typically involve individuals living in their own homes or shared accommodations, rather than in residential care facilities.

Our aim is to contact people who receive supported living support and to understand their experiences of the services provided.

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